About Us

We are a welcoming walking and rambling group  based in Chard, South Somerset.

Do you like a challenge?  Then why not  join in the Countryfile Ramble 2021 for Children in Need   Over two days the 9th & 10th of October we’ll be completing the Chard Clockwise Circular Challenge.  A 40k route around Chard.  20k (approx 12.5 miles) each day. Entry is £10 per person. Children under 16 free.  If you would like to gather your own sponsorship then you can join our Just giving team 
 This year because we don’t have to worry about walking in groups of six the walk can be planned in stages and people can join for sections of the route.  Click here for the event Timetable Countryfile Ramble 2021 .
Last year one group did the whole route in one day, if you fancy doing this then please let us know.  For  more information contact Hilary 07941 631839 
As soon as we can safely travel by Coach again Saturday walks will resume.

Winter Weekday Walks are planned for 2021/22-   Fortnightly walks.  Different week days, giving everyone a chance to join in . 

Questions? Contact Hilary on 07941 631839

email: walkingwithstmarys@hotmail.co.uk

Chard Country file 2021, Countryfile Chard South Somerset, Children in need rabmle.  TA20 Chard.